Music brings us joy

Bindii Kids offers educational and entertaining music incursions and music programs for children.

Combining music, fun, and puppets to stimulate auditory, visual, and motor cortices.


Music Incursions

For preschool children aged 3-5 years.

Private music lessons

Have fun, gain confidence and an learn an instrument.

Songs with Santa

Revive the tradition of singing Christmas carols in term four.

Money & me

The show where Music meets Accounting!

OSHC singing & guitar club

Have fun while learning some classic songs.

Paddock to the plate show

Where does food come from before it gets to the Supermarket?

Why Music?

Musical experiences in young children accelerate brain development in areas like language acquisition, reading skills, and memory. Music doesn’t just help the brain though, it also helps the body and mind to work together. Music sessions give children’s brains a multi-sensory “workout”.

Above all, music brings us joy. The more involved we are with music the greater the enjoyment.

For example, we all have our favourite songs that we sing along to, now imagine if you could play this song on an instrument – the satisfaction this would bring! Most adults wish they could play an instrument and that they had the confidence to sing in front of others.

Playing an instrument and singing gets children off screens and can ignite a passion for music that will continue to bring joy throughout their lives.

By introducing music to children we give them the opportunity to learn skills and one day be a musician.

In recent years there has been a significant body of research conducted by neuroscientists exploring the impact of music on brain development.

What they discovered, is that when playing an instrument, both sides of the brain are stimulated at once.

About us

Hey Folks, I’m Jill

I grew up on a cattle station in Outback QLD born into a musical family. My parents and siblings played instruments and sang. We were encouraged to explore music and perform from an early age. I have been involved with Music all my life and enjoy encouraging others to do so too.